A quick testimonial about the lamb. I bought the leg of lamb at the Napa's Farmers market from you about a month ago. When I finally served it, just this week, I got rave reviews from my wife and sons. My son's said it was the best they had ever tasted in their 15 years on the planet."


Thank you,



"Hi Jamie,
I have bought your beef now several times at Napa Farmers Market, and we love your meat!  It has elevated all our meals. Thank you for all that you do to bring this wonderful protein to us!"

Joy C.

“Hi Jamie! My name is Stacey and I came by the farmer's market in Petaluma last Saturday. I purchased 2 rib eyes (not sure if that was you who helped me), but I just thought it should be noted... they were AMAZING!!! Rarely are we able to afford such well cared for pieces of meat, but they were worth every penny! I couldn't even tell you I've had a better steak in a restaurant. It is obvious the attention to your families cattle that produces such a fine product. I just thought you should know that it's nice to  bring home something that didn't make me regret the price I paid.


In closing, if it wasn't you who helped me, the girl who helped me was informative and very friendly and appreciative of my patronage. I wouldn't hesitate to tell anyone to purchase from you and to keep it local! Ps, my 2 kids almost didn't any because we weren't sure they were worthy, lol!”

Thanks again!
Stacey O’Sullivan

“I Bought Your Steak at the Tiburon Farmers Market - Best Steak Ever - I will always Buy Your Steaks and Meat.”

Jesse D DiGregorio

“Jamie is very impressive, as is her beef! I bought a fantastic looking rib eye and some summer sausage. Can’t wait to grill it this weekend. Love having them at the Farmers Market!!”